3rd Annual Members Meeting

February 5th, 2018

Dear Unity Spiritual Center of Lansing Voting Member,

This letter is your official notification of the third annual members meeting of Unity Spiritual Center of Lansing (USCL).  The Annual Membership Meeting is scheduled to be held at 230 S. Holmes St, Lansing, MI 48912 on Sunday, February 25, 2018 at 11:45 AM (following the Sunday service).  

Financials for 2017 and the budget for 2018 will be presented to the membership.  These can be found on the website www.UnityLansing.org under “NEWS” at bottom of the page.

The 2018 Nominating Ministry Team, comprised of congregant representative Jerry Podany, Board Members Dan Maynard, board member Phyllis Jolly* and the minister Sharon Ketchum, is presenting a slate of three nominees for the USCL Board of Trustees: Lesia Batschynsky, Greg Edwards** and Chris Janson.  Short biographies of the candidates are on the back of this letter.  The membership will elect three people to serve on the USCL Board of Trustees, two for three-year terms and one for a two-year term.  The election will be by ballot as per our bylaws:

Section 10.   D. Election Procedure. The election shall be by ballot if there are any partial terms to be filled or there are more than two nominees. The result of the vote shall be announced to the annual meeting. The two nominees receiving the largest number of votes will be elected to full three (3) year terms. The candidate receiving the next highest number of votes will be elected to the longest unexpired term.

The membership will also elect a member and an alternate to serve on the 2019 Nominating Ministry Team. Nominations for the 2019 Nominating Ministry Team will be taken from the floor.  Members may self-nominate.

Enclosed with this notice is a list of the Principle Motions and Actions taken for the Board of Trustees in 2017, as well as motions made and passed by the member.


Sharon J. Ketchum, Minister On behalf of your Board of Trustees

Greg Dening, President; Dan Maynard, Vice President; Nancy Cody, Secretary, Kay Batterson, Treasurer;   

At Large Members: Greg Edwards, Phyllis Jolly (for Robin Ballard), Deb Otis

*   Phyllis Jolly was elected to the 2018 Nominating Team by the congregation at the 2017 Members’ Meeting. During 2017, Phyllis was appointed to the board to fill the seat of Robin Ballard while she was off on medical leave.

** Upon the approval of the new bylaws in April 2017, the minister was no longer a voting member of the board, Greg was appointed by the Board of Trustees to fill this seat.


Nominees for Unity Spiritual Center of Lansing’s Board of Trustees 2018


Unity is “Home” and I have felt this way from the very first Service that I attended, and sang the song “My Soul is Welcomed Here.” I knew at that moment that this is exactly where I belong.  My life work thus far included being in the most trusted profession, nursing, to one that is not trusted, politician, to probably the least trusted, lobbyist!  I am grateful for the incredible experiences, opportunities, and growth that serving in these roles brought into my life.  I am deeply grateful and honored to be nominated for Unity Spiritual Center of Lansing’s Board


For the past 25 plus years this church has been a very important part of my life. During those years I have been called to serve in several capacities, from manning the nursery to serving on the board of Unity of Greater Lansing.  I have spent more than 12 years as a Unity board member, serving as a member at large, board secretary, and 2 different stints as the treasurer. I also spent 7 years as the sponsor for the YOU program. Once again I feel called to serve and would be honored to be elected.



A member of Unity since 2009, I have previously served on the Unity of Great Lansing Board as the President as well as a member at large.  In 2016,  I was co-chair of our Spiritual Growth and Development Team and I regularly facilitate group studies here at Unity.  I feel of a good deal of affinity with the members and non-members at USCL.  I am truly glad to be back living in Lansing and am ready to serve USCL, especially in our neighborhood.  Spreading the awareness that we are one with all of life gets my juices flowing.  I am honored to be a part of this beautiful community.


2017 Profit and Loss Financials compared to 2016  Click to read pdf version

2017 Actuals compared to budget - click to read pdf version