4th Annual Members' Meeting Feb. 24th, 2019

Financials for Unity Spiritual Center of Lansing 2018 and Draft Budget for 2019

     2019Jan - Dec 18 Jan - Dec 17 
 Ordinary Income/Expense     
    4000 · General Fund Income165195.00158,498.38 169,044.30 
    4000A · Bank Interest Income210.00420.19 383.18 
    4050 · USC of L Classes, Wksp, Seminar5340.007,854.28 5,026.02 
    4060 · Facility Use Income100.00900.00 95.00 
    4090 · Bequests and Memorials0.000.00 100.00 
    4500 · Restricted Fund Income0.000.00 -325.00 
    4600 · Bookstore Sales720.002,796.54 2,196.91 
   Total Income171565.00170,469.39 176,520.41 
   Cost of Goods Sold     
    4150 · Bookstore Purchases600.001,148.03 573.50 
   Total COGS600.001,148.03 573.50 
  Gross Profit170965.00169,321.36 175,946.91 
    6000 · HOLMES St. Building Expenses15279.1614,483.21 14,979.55 
    6500 · MARSHALL St. Building Expenses0.000.00 683.87 
    66000 · Payroll Expenses0.000.00 210.00 
    66900 · Reconciliation Discrepancies0.0020.00 -305.90 
    7000 · Ministry Operating Expenses92194.3289,496.22 89,645.67 
    7800 · Tithe Expenses19174.8016,948.23 18,227.17 
    8000 · Mission Fulfillment/TeamExpense40328.2137,938.81 36,475.54 
   Total Expense 166976.49158,886.47 159,915.90 
 Net Ordinary Income  3,988.5110,434.89 16,031.01 
 Other Income/Expense       
  Other Income       
  9520 Pledges 25,50034,256.78   
  9510Building Fund    1,670.00 
  Total Other Income  25,50034,256.78 1,670.00 
  Other Expense       



Beacons of Prosperity 2,3503,000.67 0.00 



Addition 2018 - 19 250,00046,358.50 0.00 



Maintenance Renovations  3,554.02 4,599.70 
  9200 UGLBack Payroll Tax 2014  0.00 944.39 
  Total Other Expense  252,35052,913.19 5,544.09 
 Net Other Income-226,850-18,656.41 -3,874.09 
Net Income  -222,861.49-8,221.52 12,156.92 
 held in trust  Beacons of Prosperity Matching Funds$20,000.00    

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Nominess for the Board of Trustees


I feel a deep connection to the Unity mission, and I would like to help in the continued growth of our Unity center.  From second grade on, I was raised going to a Unity church.  As a young child hearing the positive uplifting Unity messages, my personal relationship with God and spiritual growth was nurtured.  I wish to help, in some way, our Unity Spiritual Center be that same type of nurturing resource for all who’s paths meets ours.   I have served on the Board of Trustees for the last three years, with the last two as the secretary.   I would like the opportunity to continue serving as a member of the Board of Trustees for the next three years.





I would be honored to be of service on the Board of Trustees. Unity has provided for me a much-needed community after moving here in August of 2018. Our spiritual journeys are truly never-ending, however a big chapter in my current life began with the study of Edgar Cayce which led me to complete a distance learning course in metaphysics from the School of Metaphysics. As my perception of life and myself changed dramatically I found a resonation with the values and spirit of the Unity church in Nashville and attended there for a year before moving here to Lansing. Even though I have been here for a short time I feel welcomed, accepted, and also a need to be fulfilled. Although leadership has not come naturally to me, I have found myself in many leadership positions wherever I go, and I have come to believe that this is one of the qualities I am developing in this lifetime. I have already enjoyed leading SALT classes at Unity, and I look forward to providing my skills, talents, and service in harmony with all Unity members to continue to shine our inner Light of Truth and Love to each other and the wider community around us.


Blessings of Love and Light,

-Lee Nelson