Outreach/Social Team

If you or someone you know is experiencing a life challenge due to illness or loss of a loved one, please contact this ministry team, so they can send a card on behalf of Unity Spiritual Center of Lansing.

Debbie Pennington at 517 485-7762 or email her at dspennin@gmail.com

Mission Statement:

“To acknowledge the interests of USCL and the community by engaging with others in ways that advance the movement of shared spiritual awakening, incorporating the Unity principles by creating oneness with God, each other, and all creation.."

Meetings 2nd Sunday of the month following Sunday service

Team Lead: Peggy Higginbotham, Secretary: Teresa Mulford       Board Liaison:  Deb Otis

Team Members:  Cherie Oxender, J Deborah Pennington, Phyllis Jolly, Helen Pedersen, Laurie Roggenbuck, Lucille Olson, Debra Wirth, Ron Shepherd


Team Mission:  To identify and recognize the interests of USCL and the community, and work to resolve by incorporating Unity principles

Accountabilities: Pastoral Care, Compassion team – Caring Angels, Community at large outreach, Allen Neighborhood Association Liaison, Transportation Coordinator

Events include Lugnuts Faith night Baseball Game, Summer Picnic, Thanksigivng Sunday potluck Games Nights every couple of months and more.