Beacons of Prosperity Pledge Drive

We, as Unity Spiritual Center of Lansing, have committed to investing $300,000 into our building to add approximately 1600 square feet of space. This space will include a vertical chair lift (mini elevator), two offices, large meeting room, lowering the hallway floor so that there is no longer a step down into the sanctuary, adding an accessible bathroom on the upper level, a coat room and an expansion of bathrooms on the lower level.   

Our budget will allow for most of the work to be completed by professionals and we are prepared to do some of the finishing work like painting and landscaping ourselves.  We currently have $250,000 in our building fund.  We are now committed to raising the $50,000 needs to complete the bulk of the work through a pledge drive.

Big News!!!  The first $20,000 we raise between now and October 31st, will be matched by Nan and Jerry Podany. 

Bigger News!!  Less than two weeks into the Pledge Drive we have reached $40,000 + !!!

Every pledge of every amount helps.  Together we can make it happen!:

1. Consider a lump sum of $1000 by check, cash or credit card.

2.Committing to donate $10.00 a week over two years (100 weeks).. 

3. $100 monthly for a year.

4. Any size gift is eligible to be part of the matching funds... $5.00, $10, $25, $100 - whatever is comfortable for you and feels like the thing you want to do!

Of course these pledges are meant to be in addition to your much appreciated, current contributions to the operations of Unity Spiritual Center of Lansing.  We do want to keep the doors open while we expand!!!



Click the above link to down load a pledge form.

It is in your power to makes the dream of a fully accessible building a reality