Spiritual Counseling


What is Spiritual Counseling?

Spiritual Counseling is not psychological counseling. Rather, it's an internal process that helps you to remember the Truth that God is always with you as your "Internal Source" of all good. As with others kinds of counseling, Spiritual Counseling affords you the opportunity to talk in confidence with someone who will hear you fully, without exercising any form of personal judgement. Simply by being allowed to tell your "story" in your words, you'll begin to feel relief and comfort.

Spiritual Counciling is by appointment only and is designed for Unity attendees.  Call 517 371-3010 to set up an appointment.

Is there a charge for Spiritual Counseling?

Our Spiritual Counseling service is supported entirely by the responsible giving of those who receive the service. You may leave an appropriate gift with Reverend Sharon at the end of your visit. 

How does Spiritual Counseling work?

While listening to your challenge, the minister may ask you gentle questions so that she may reflect your thoughts back to you. This will help you to clarify the issues before you in your own mind. The minister will encourage you to reach within yourself to your own Inner Guide to find your own best solution.

What do you mean by Inner Guide?

You are never cut-off from the divine, creative source of life and love, that which we often refer to as God. In that divine reality you have an infinite potential. This potential is a creative power that can solve any problem you face. Simply by shifting your attention away from the "external problem" to a higher" internal reality" you allow this wonderful, creative power to bring you solutions in your best interest. Rev. Sharon will assist you to tap into this inner guidance.

What if I have more than one problem?

As you are reminded of your own divine connection, you'll be guided to use your own internal resources to find solutions. You'll see that the key to every problem is an awareness of the Presence of God in your life all of the time. Our minister will support you to know this truth for yourself.  She will show you how to access the Presence of God--where the answers you need are available, anytime and anywhere.

How many times may I receive Spiritual Counseling?

One to three spiritual counseling sessions should be enough to awaken you to your own Internal Guidance System.

Is my counselor required to keep my confidence?

The minister is a Licensed Spiritual Counselor. As such, she is bound by a Code of Ethics that requires total and absolute confidentiality. The only exception occurs if you should tell him something that the laws of the State of Michigan require him to report--this includes the abuse of a child. No written records or recorded conservations are made or kept of your time with the minister.