Jesus' Teachings with Rev. Sharon

This course can be taken as a Unity credentialled course or simply for your own personal edification.  In order to obtain credit, you will need to attend all classes, complete a homework assign and register online.  The credit registration fee is $45.00.

Spiritual Explorers Certification requires 25 courses. Students can then take courses to become a credentialled Unity licensed teacher.  for more information click on this link: UWSI (Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute)

The same class is offered at 1:00 pm and 6:30 pm to accomodate personal schedules.

February 13 Class One:           The Word

  1. The Five Gospels
  2. The 4  Source Theory
  3. Teaching Style of Jesus
  4. The Search for the Historical Jesus
  5. The Cliff notes of Jesus’ ministry  Mark 1:14
  6. The First Principle

February 20th Class Two:  Jesus Teaches Us to Pray

The Second Principal

The Eternal Prayer Wheel

February 27th Class Three:  Jesus Heals  Is it a Cure or a Healing?

The Third Principal

Practicing Medicine without a license

March 6 Class Four:  Ancient Teachings Revealed: 

Gospel of Thomas:  What Did Jesus Really Say?

          The Fourth Principle

March 13 Class Five:  Precepts and Parables

The Wisdom of Jesus, the Practicality of his teachings

Object Lessons of the Rabbi

The Fifth Principle