Meet Unity Member Lesia (Liss) Batschynsky

Unity is “Home” and I have felt this way from the very first Service that I attended, when Reverend Sharon welcomed all new members after the congregation sang the song “My Soul is Welcomed Here.” I knew at that moment that this is exactly where I belong and at the first opportunity to do so I attended the required class and became a member.

I am deeply grateful and honored to be nominated for Unity Spiritual Center of Lansing’s Board.I first came here when a friend asked me to join her to attend Rev Sharon’s class on “The Secret” (Law of Attraction). My job was eliminated March 2017.  I was now free and open to attend the afternoon class. It was just what I needed to begin a new path of visualizing and manifesting a new life; a new way of thinking and being.  Class ended just before Easter and Rev Sharon invited all to attend one of the services. When I thanked her for the class and mentioned an interest to attend a service she said “you will either think we are crazy or you will fit right in.” Well I believe it is evident that I fit right in and there is no place I would rather be!  I never belonged anywhere like I belong here and I never felt so welcomed like I feel here at USCL thanks to Reverend Sharon and all of you.  I am so grateful!


Like some of you, my life began with the religion of my parents and ancestors; baptized Ukrainian-Catholic, parochial school for a few early years, active member of church and later choir. I married in the Ukrainian-Orthodox church, same Divine Liturgy (Mass) but political differences, and was also an active member and sang in that choir. I have witnessed church politics at its worst and to serve on a church board never appealed to me then.

Speaking of politics, I am a former State Representative from District 28, Warren & Center Line, Michigan, 95th & 96th Legislative Classes, serving from 2009-2012. I am known for organizing and chairing the Bipartisan Freshman Caucus along with my colleague Bill Rogers across the aisle. As a former ER RN,Health Policy was my key committee. Military, Veteran & Homeland Security, Transportation, Families and Children’s Services and Labor were my other committees. I am grateful for the incredible experiences, opportunities, and growth that serving in that role brought into my life.

The networking and connections I had made as a legislator opened up the opportunity to return to Lansing to work as Government Relations Administrator for HealthPlus, a health insurance company based in Flint that no longer exists. Since the majority of my work was to be done in Lansing I moved to the area in 2013. It took a few years to take care of personal issues, to make final decisions and take a leap of faith. I am divorced from my amazing husband Mark to whom I was married for 23 years. I am grateful to him for all the experiences and especially for his vital role in making me a politician. We divorced in 2016 but I kept his name in the event I decided to continue with politics. We could not have children but I am a godmother to many. 

I am grateful to God/Creator, Unity, Rev Sharon, ACIM ( A Course in Miracles), SALT classes here at USCL, prayers, and so many friends, family, and resources  and may I not forget, the blessing of losing my job, which allowed me to take a “pause” in life daily, at my age of 51, to heal, to forgive, and to finally love myself first so that I could now be ready to help others do the same.

On January 5, 2018 I officially changed my name back to my maiden name Batschynsky. I wiped my past clean and clear, forgiving all and now begin a brand new journey. I love the explanation of the White Stone Ceremony that we had at the January 7th Service. What exact perfect timing for my name change and new beginning! (I am grateful once again to Reverend Sharon for the White Stone Ceremony, and the Burning Bowl Ceremony on December 31st.)

My life work thus far included being in the most trusted profession, nursing, to one that is not trusted, politician, to probably the least trusted, lobbyist. And now after nearly a year of healing, forgiving myself and others, and becoming my true and authentic self, I AM ready and open to serve in a role that is mine to do.

I want others to awaken, to become enlightened, and to then inspire others to do the same until we achieve World Peace. I know this is my purpose and all I ever needed I already had; me and my willingness to Love and to Serve as a whole and complete person, my true authentic self.

I speak Ukrainian and Spanish, besides my native English, fluently. Besides nursing, I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Hispanic Studies from U of M Dearborn, I studied a summer in Valencia, Spain, and also graduated from the School
of Ukrainian Language Arts, Culture and History (12 years of Saturday School).

My four years in the Michigan Legislature should count as an advanced degree. I never learned so much in such a short time as I did in those phenomenal whirlwind years. For all of the above I am grateful!!!
Thank you Nominating Committee for choosing me to be on the slate for Board Member of Unity Spiritual Center of Lansing. I am honored, and if accepted by the members of this congregation, I vow to serve to the very best of my ability, wholeheartedly, with passion and my willingness to love and to serve.