Walk the Walk

We are currently experiencing unsatisfactory delays with our contractor.  While we are working this out, we are not standing still. 

We are inviting you to "Walk the Walk", safely. 

The sidewalk was front of the church is in extremely bad shape and very unsafe. 

We hired Earthworkx Brothers to replace it and they have done a fabulous job..

The budget for the City of Lansing does not have funds for sidewalk repairs so Unity Spiritual Center of Lansing is taking on this project for the safety of our members and our neighborhood. 

During May we will be holding a silent auction which will cumulate on Friday, May 31st with a Coffee House Talent Show to raise funds for this repair.  Monies raise will go to augment the funds collected in the Coin Jar for this project.  Our bill was $2000 plus $200 for the building permit.


Plan now on joining with your friends on Friday, May 31st for a fun evening of Fun(d)raising!  Tickets are $10 for adults.  Youth are free. Special entertainment by Jeff the megaician.