2019 Congregants' Choice Selections


Unity Spiritual Center of Lansing is a spiritual tithing community. This means we donate 10% of all income to sources of our spiritual inspiration as a way of acknowledging that God is our one and only Source which comes to us through many channels.  We tithe to various Unity organizations – Silent Unity, Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute, Unity Worldwide Ministries, Great Lakes Region of Unity Churches and sometimes to specific Unity churches.  We also tithe to organizations that bless and inspire us with their work.

In 2017 you voted to have a portion of Unity Spiritual Center of Lansing's tithes to the Capitol Human Society, Homeless Angels, Metapeace and Sparrow Hospice.  Donations were also made to City Rescue Center and Justice in Mental Health.  In 2018, you chose Meals on Wheels, Ronald McDonald House, The Foodbank, Justince in Mental Health and Allen Street Neighborhood.


The Congregants' Choices for 2019

January - March "Girls on the Run" 


Donated $779.27


April - June          Advent House

Donated $984.01






July - September  The Davies Project


Donated $877.25



October - December split between

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Lansing and

The Women's Center of Greater Lansing