Vision Fullfillment Teams

Unity Spiritual Center of Lansing is comitted to working toward fulfillment of our mission:

"Advancing the Unity movement that calls us to awaken to our oneness with God, each other and all creation"

A Mission Focused Ministry:

Unity Spiritual Center of Lansing’s mission and vision statements are inspired by the vision of Unity Worldwide Ministries; “A world powerfully transformed through the growing movement of shared spiritual awakening.” We, in Unity, are coming to realize that God’s answer to the prayers and the needs of humanity will emerge through spiritually awakened people who join together to create the world our hearts know is possible. Thus, we believe that the individual and collective spiritual awakening to our oneness with God, each other and all creation is a movement that is critical to humanity’s future; nothing is more important or more promising.  Because of this, we at Unity Spiritual Center of Lansing feel called to focus the activities of our spiritual community on the advancement of our mission, “To advance the Unity movement that calls us to spiritually awaken to our oneness with God, each other and all creation.”    
To fulfill our mission, Unity Spiritual Center Lansing seeks to support as many people as possible (youth and adults) in the ongoing awakening to our oneness with God, with each other and all creation. In order to achieve that goal we seek to provide every participant with:

1. Spiritual Growth and Development opportunities through classes, small group studies, Sunday services, workshops, seminars and other activities.
2. A variety of opportunities to develop meaningful, positive relationships with others through participation in Community Connection Team activities and events.
3. Opportunities to participate in different levels and make meaningful contributions of time, talent and treasure creating active engagement and service to our ministry and its mission.

Mission Focused Teams:

Unity Spiritual Center of Lansing is organized into individual mission focused teams. These teams take on specific elements of our ministry’s mission.  Each team has a Board authorized Team Leader and a Board of Trustees member who serves as the Board Link to the team.  The Team Leader is accountable for its team’s efforts to the Leadership Council which is made up of the Board of Trustees, individual Team Leaders and the Minister. The rest of the team is made up of congregants who have an interest in the actions and functions of the specific team.

Each team has its own mission statement and a Board-granted level of autonomy to pursue its mission while remaining fully accountable through the Leadership Council.  The organizational structure is based on a holarchy model; a system in which individual “wholes” are also part of a greater “whole.”  The mission fulfillment teams are “wholes” in themselves and, at the same time, they are part of the greater “whole” which is Unity of Greater Lansing. New Teams may be formed in response to opportunities that generate new mission fulfillment initiatives. (see Organizational Policy)

The Teams are made up of people who understand that active engagement in the fulfillment of Unity Spiritual Center of Lansing’s mission is a powerful way to enhance one’s own spiritual life and be a part of a spiritual community.  It is a form of giving that opens one up to the unlimited blessings that come from living according to spiritual principles.  Thus, all members of Unity Spiritual Center of Lansing are strongly encouraged to find a meaningful and satisfying role on one of the teams.  Click on the icons below to read more information about each Ministry Team