Congregants' CHOICE Nominating Process


Unity Spiritual Center of Lansing is a spiritual tithing community. This means we donate 10% of all income to sources of our spiritual inspiration as a way of acknowledging that God is our one and only Source which comes to us through many channels.  We tithe to various Unity organizations – Silent Unity, Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute, Unity Worldwide Ministries, Great Lakes Region of Unity Churches and sometimes to specific Unity churches.  We also tithe to organizations that bless and inspire us with their work.

In 2017 you voted to have a portion of Unity Spiritual Center of Lansing's tithes to the Capitol Human Society, Homeless Angels, Metapeace and Sparrow Hospice.  Donations were also made to City Rescue Center and Justice in Mental Health. 

In 2018, you chose Meals on Wheels, Ronald McDonald House, The Foodbank, Justince in Mental Health and Allen Street Neighborhood. 

In 2019, you chose Girls on the Run, Advent House, Davies Project, and fourth quarter tie was Women's Center of Great Lansing and American Foundation for the Prevention of Suicide Lans.


Starting in January 2020, you can submit your choices for 2020 recipients

Submission date for nominations will be Sunday, January 19th, 2020.   There is a link to the nomination form below

Voting tentatively scheduled for Sunday,  February 2nd, 2020





What local charitable organization blesses you?  Where do you see Spirit at work through the work offered by another organization, the blessings they bring to our world, the way they express our Oneness.

Nominate this organization to become one of Unity’s tithing recipients.

Nomination forms will be available on the Activities Table January 2020.  CLICK HERE to download nomination form

 CLICK HERE to download copy of guildines

Guidelines for Nominations for Congregants’ Choice

  1. A charitable organization
  2. Preferably local
  3. The work done by this organization reflects the mission, vision and core values of Unity Spiritual Center of Lansing

How to Nominate a Charitable Organization as a

2020 Congregants’ Choice for Tithing

  1. Fill out a Congregants’ Choice Nomination Form by January 20th.  Submit it to the church office.
  2. Create a poster that tells about the organization.  This can be posted on in the sanctuary anytime prior to January 19th
  3. On February 3rd, make yourself available to answers questions about your nomination and campaign for votes!

On Sunday, February 2rd, every congregant present will have 3 votes on which charities we will tithe to in 2020. The top 3 choices will receive 20% of our tithes for 3 months.  At the end of the 3 months, we will invite a representative of the charity to a Sunday service to receive a check and tell us a little bit about their work.  We would also consider partnering with them on one of their projects – e.g. a walk, etc. 

During of the fourth quarters in 2020, we will split the tithe among the remaining nominees.  Everyone “wins” and we become a powerful force for good in our larger Lansing community!


SAMPLE NOMINATION FORM  Click here to download a copy


See Policy for Guidelines (Local, Charitable/Non-Profit)

Please Print


Name of Organization ________________________________________________

Address ____________________________________________________________


Phone Number              ___________________________________________________

Contact Person              ___________________________________________________

Email            ________________________________________________________

Website          ________________________________________________________

Name of Person nominating this organization ___________________________

Your email or contact info ___________________________________________

Brief Description of Work of the organization and why you are nominating them as a tithe recipient.  (You can use a separate sheet of paper if needed.)

How does the work of this organization support Unity Spiritual Center of Lansing’s Mission of “spiritually awakening to our Oneness with God, each other and with all creation”?

 Which USCL Core Values does their work promote? (circle those that apply)

Spiritual Awakening                       Freedom                   Integrity                    Joyfulness

Inclusivity                                          Stewardship                                     Prayer


Additional Comments (e.g. how have they inspired you? Or personal experience with organization’s work)