Disbanded Facilities Ministry Team


Est. 2012 - dissolved March 2018 when Unity Spiritual Center of Lansing decided to go add on to our current building instead of continuing to look for a new location.

During the course of their work, hundreds of building were put up for consideration.  None met our needs or if they did meet out needs, the price far exceeded our budget or required extensive renovations that could have put the ministry in a financial strain.  The most fiscally responsible and spirirtually respondable was to make our current, paid-for building, more accessible to all people as well as adding some office space.

Mission Statement: Research and recommend a facility that will support the needs of our Mission Focused Ministry.  In October of 2017, the congregation voted to expand this directive to include exploring making 230 S. Holmes Street a handicapp accessible building.


Team Leader   Nan Podany

Secretary   (TBD)

Board Link   Deb Otis 


  • Recommend building(s) and location(s) that will meet the needs of our congregants and our Mission Focused Ministry.
  • Conduct our search with fiscal responsibility.
  • Remain open-minded to all possibilities.

General Strategies:

  • Maintain records of research.
  • Maintain records of team decisions, plans and meetings.
  • Report to the Leadership Council monthly.
  • Team members are responsible for information before and after meetings.


Team Members: as of 2/27/16

David Otis, Deb Otis Kay Batterson, Lucille Olson, Nancy Cody, Sharon Ketchum, Val Jedrzejas