Outreach/Social Ministry Team

Outreach Team and Social Team were combined

Approved by the USCL Board of Trustees 031516

During the pandemic, this team has taken on some projects like adopting a family for Christmas.  Currently they are on hiatus until we regroup this fall.

Mission: To identify and recognize the needs of USCL and the community, and work to resolve by incorporating Unity principles.

Team Leader (Oct. 2018)   OPEN

 Board Link  Chris Janson

Subteams:  Fellowship, Message of Hope (Helen Pederson)

New in 2020 Prayer Practitioners' Program 


  • Pastoral Care
  • Compassion team – Caring Angels
  • Community at large outreach
  • Allen Neighborhood Association Liaison
  • Transportation Coordinator
  • Connection with Congregation through the mailing of Positive Prayer Letters Fall 2016

General Strategies:

  • Devise systems of information – inflow and outflow
  • Establish mechanism to ensure inclusion
  • Train visitors if requested – establish procedures
  • Protocols of hospital visits – what would patient like?
  • Recruit / create list of USCL members who wish to be part of visitation team
  • Invite others involved in these activities previously to share their expertise
  • Create social events - e.g. Game Night, Ice Cream Social, Lugnuts Church night, etc.

Compassion Team: Deb Pennington calls people that are sick, visits with people in hospital, sends get well cards