Quantum Healing Day

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quantum healing day posterThis boutique show is intimate and inviting. Twenty unique offerings.  

Visit everyone!

Regenerative Reiki by Dottie Fuller;

Ruhala Holistic Arts Center with Celina Ruhala and Maggie Kelly;

"John of God" crystal chakra bed with Jill Gentner;

Divine Lotus Tea Room with Jill Kazee; 

Art by Matt Mulford

Willow Stick Ceremonies with Teresa Wojtowicz;

Heart Alignment by Terry Bradford'

Artist and Author Curtis Pratt;

Holistic Health Center with Russell-Saigneault;

Horse Show Essentials with Julie Fleming;

Moon Goddess Creations by Cynthia Ricks;

Hare of the Snake Healing Ceremonies with Shaman Jeff Humphries,

Psychic Medium Isabelle Luckhardt;

Angel Energy Healing Jennifer Passavant;

Intentional Energy Coach Amy Mollitor,

Holy Fire III Animal Reiki with Ann McCarthy;

Plants and earrings with Jessica Shelton and Donnette Pinkerton;

Reiki with Lucille Olson;  Rapid Transformational Therapy with Janet Cortwright

as well of as two of our local charitable organizations doing great healing work.

A Baked Potato Lunch

Enjoy a healthy lunch for $5.00 -  includes not only a baked potato but all the topping - veggies, sauces, chili and more.

Speaker's Circle

Starting at noon, stop in for the Speaker's Circle in our activity room where some of our talented participants will offer thirty-minute sessions to explain more about their work and to answer your questions.