SALT Schedule



SALT stands for Sunday Adult Learning Time. 

From 9:30 - 10:15 am each Sunday, Unity offers either a Conversations Cafe' or a SALT Session.

Conversations Cafe' is free flowing discussion around pertinent suggested topics of interest to everyone.
SALT sessions have specific topics and a group facilitator. 

Some are one session, some are multples.
You always have the option of attending whenever your interest warrants and your schedule supports.
Past sessions have included topics such as Ho-onoPono, Eckardt Tolle, subjects from A Course in Miracles, Unity's basic prinicples, meditaton and more...


     If YOU are interesting in facilitating a SALT Session or Conversation Cafe,contact the Spiritual Growth and Development Team (aka SGAD). 

Doug Eagle coordinates the SALT schedule.

SGAD meets the first Sunday of every month following the Sunday Celebration Service to plan SALT as well as other classes, workshops, concerts and more.
Contact the the team chair Casey Miller to have your ideas added to the team's agenda.