In Unity, we learn that we are love and that it's in our spiritual nature to give. Our volunteer program, "Love in Action" is based on the truth that each one of us has spiritual gifts or unique talents and abilities to express into life. Each one of us is important to maintain a thriving, growing spiritual community. All that we say, think, and do makes a difference!
If you're interested in being on a volunteer ministry team or becoming a volunteer ministry team leader contact the church office at (517) 371-3010 for more information.
Besides our 6 Mission Ministry Teams (Administration, Celebration, Facilities, Outreach/Social, Campus Ministry and Spiritual Growth and Enirchment), there are a number of additional subteams:

Newest Team:  Technology -

Besides focusing on our current technology, plans on in the works to create an on-line live streaming video of Sunday services.  If you are interested in being a part of this exciting new project, email Greg Dening g.dening@comcast.com

Positive Prayer Ministry Team (Outreach/Social)

1. Our Silent Prayer Ministry supports all those who request prayer through our prayer box by holding them in their daily prayers.

2. The Prayer Ministry expanded in 2017 to include other venues of prayer support.  Our most powerful prayer project is praying for our neighborhood to increase peace and harmony and reduce the crime rate of illegal or violent activities.

3.Casserole Brigade:  We supply casseroles to congregants who are healing or grieving, as a tangible way to say "we are thinking of you, praying with you and offering ours support".


Sunday Platform Ministry Team (Celebration Team)

These people are our platform leaders each Sunday morning. They assist the minister in conducting the service. They take on an extra role when the minister travels occasionally and support our guest speakers who come in to fill this place.

Welcome Ministry Team (Celebration Team)

The Welcome Ministry makes sure the people who are here for the first time on Sundays are welcomed, spoken to, showed around, and invited to return. This includes ushering, greeting and setup/cleanup of the sanctuary. In addition, members of this team make a special effort to call newcomers and invite them to return to Unity Spiritual Center of Lansing. 


Fellowship Team (Outreach/Social)

This team was newly formed the beginning of 2017.  They will prepare coffee, tea and put out snacks for fellowship time following the Sunday Celebration Service.

  Unity Earthcare Team (Spiritual Growth and Development Team) 

The Unity Earthcare team is currently on hiatus while the addition to the building is in progress.  We are participating in on on-going project of "Refuse the Straw" as a  powerful way to reduce waster and protect wildlife.  Besdies our recycling bins, we also continue to collect old batteries, ink catridges and styrofoam for proper recycling.  We use cloth napkins in our kitchen and cloth towels in our rest rooms to reduce our waste.