Washington Road Preparation Task Teams

With the purchase of our new property at 2395 Washington Road at the end of 2020, there were of number of maintenance and repair tasks to complete prior to reopening to our congregation.

Project Management Team: Jerry Podnay and Dan Maynard

   This team management the contracted work such as roofing, tree removal etc., as well as prioritizing the many detailed repairs and maintenance work such as electrical plugs, lights, furnace servicing, plumbing maintenance, fire suppression system maintenance.

Design Team:  Team leader Sue Winklestern

  This team decides on layout, color palette, room functions, etc.

Handicap Ramp: Chris McEnhill

  Researched and made recommendations for a ramp to the Lodge

Architect - Nancy Cody coordinates with Roger Donaldson

Board of Trustees oversees our maintence and reno budget as prioritize and more forward - multlple projects at a time.

Many hands make efficient work as everyone helps out where they can when they can.


Ron Veneer - among other items, created a beautiful code compliant set of hand rails for the inside Lodge stairs

Diane Reck - painter extraordinare and exemplary cleaner

Stacey Ames - anything that needs to be done

Sue Winklestern- besides the installation of temporary signs and leading the design team, she is mighty handy with power tools.  She has also mad einnumerable trips to the recycling center with our cardboard.

Lisa Haston - besides her job cleaning the building, she is always ready to help with any tasks.

Craig Young - instrumental in the cleanup of our grounds

Chris McEnhill - loaned us quilts for display in the Lodge to soften the sound.

Nan Podany - has kept on top of readying the kitchen for fellowship time and created a panty for our kitchen supplies

Nan was helped in unpacking and organizing by Nancy Claytor, Laurie Roggenbuck and several others who 'sneak' in to be of service.

Our Kitchen Shower gifters - thank you!!!!