SGAD Proposal Form

Unity of Greater Lansing
Spiritual Growth and Development (SGAD)
Class/Event/Activity Proposal Form

Revised June 2015
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SGAD Mission:  To provide spiritual growth and development classes, seminars, and other activities that support participants spiritual awakening to their oneness with God, each other, and all creation.

Thank you for your interest in playing an active role in U of GL Spiritual Growth and Development Team and its mission.  We are continually looking for new classes, events and activities that will help us advance the shared spiritual awakening of people to their oneness with God, each other and all creation.   

If you would like to create or present an SGAD class, event, or activity at U of GL, please make sure it is something you are passionate about and enjoy, that the topic is consistent with Unity’s teachings and philosophy and that it would generate interest in participation.  Also, make sure that a curriculum exists or that you can create one based on number of sessions, session topics, and session discussion questions.  Please submit this completed form to the Unity of Greater Lansing SGAD Team (or the U of GL office)  at least two months before the class begins.  

Examples of classes, events, activities:
1.    Book studies lead by a facilitator
2.    Classes presented by a qualified instructor
3.    One time events/seminars/workshops presented by a qualified presenter
4.    Other SGAD type of activities

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