Facilities Ministry Team


Est. February 27, 2016

Mission Statement: Research and recommend a facility that will support the needs of our Mission Focused Ministry.  In October of 2017, the congregation voted to expand this directive to include exploring making 230 S. Holmes Street a handicapp accessible building.


Team Leader   Nan Podany

Secretary   (TBD)

Board Link   Deb Otis 


  • Recommend building(s) and location(s) that will meet the needs of our congregants and our Mission Focused Ministry.
  • Conduct our search with fiscal responsibility.
  • Remain open-minded to all possibilities.

General Strategies:

  • Maintain records of research.
  • Maintain records of team decisions, plans and meetings.
  • Report to the Leadership Council monthly.
  • Team members are responsible for information before and after meetings.


Team Members: as of 2/27/16

David Otis, Deb Otis Kay Batterson, Lucille Olson, Nancy Cody, Sharon Ketchum, Val Jedrzejas