Leadership Council

Board of Trustees and Leadership Council

2017 Board of Trustees: President Greg Dening, Vice President Robin Ballard (LOA - sick leave) , Secretary Nancy Cody, Treasurer Kay Ballard, Members at Large: Deb Otis, Dan Maynard (Vice President in lieu of Robin)  Phyllis Jolly has joined the board to hold Robin's place and Greg Edwards was nominated by the Board of Trustees to fulfill the seat left vacant under the new bylaws adopted in April 2017 which makes the minister a non-voting board member.

Our Pledge: Recognizing God as our Infinite Source and Power, we, the servant leaders of Unity Spiritual Center of Lansing, are anchored in the spiritual practices of meditation, tithing and visioning. Thank you, God, for the opportunity to love and to serve!


Ministry Teams

  1. Spiritual Growth and Development Team:  Chris Clements and  Rebecca Jamros 

    1. Mission:  To provide spiritual growth and development classes, seminars, activities and resources that support participants’ spiritual awakening to their oneness with God, each other, and all creation.

  2. Youth and Family Ministry Team:  Casey Miller - Now includes Campus Ministry 

    1. Mission:  Rooted in love, joy, integrity and Unity Principles, we strive to provide a safe and respectful environment that enables today's youth to become tomorrow's world changers

  3. Outreach Team and Social Activities Team: Peggy Higginbotham 

    a.  Mission:   To acknolwedge the interests of USCL and the community bu engaging with others in ways that advance the movement of shared spiritual awakening, incorporating Unity principles by creating oneness with God,e ach other, and all creation.     Sub Team:  Fellowship - Ron Shepherd (hosts a coffee and snack time following the Sunday Celebration Services.)    Message of Hope - Phyllis Jolly (distributes Unity material to hopsice, hospitals, etc.)

  4. Administration Team: Jerry Podany 

    1. Mission:   The Administration Team’s mission is to provide effective administration support for the ministry and its mission.

  5. Facilities Research Team: Nan Podany 

    1. Mission:   Research and recommend a facility that will support the needs of our Mission Focused Ministry.

  6. Celebration Service Team:  Lucille Olson 

    1. To create well planned celebration services that inspire and uplift, model Unity Principles, and include everyone