Administration Ministry

Jeff Benoit
Jeff Benoit


Mission Statement:

The Administrative Team’s mission is to provide effective administrative support for the ministry and its mission.



Team Leader; 2023 Jeff Benoit  Staff: Jessica Shelton

Board Link: Jane Cloos, Board Treasurer

Admin Team Members: Jerry Podany, Jane Cloos,

Sharon Ketchum (Staff), Jessica Shelton (Staff), Joell Ackerman


MAJOR SUBTEAM:  EVENT RENTAL Coordinated by Jeff Benoit

     books rental events and hires part time help for the event

Sub Teams: Counting (Stacey Ames) Budget & Finance, Fund Raising, Bylaws, Policy

Building and Grounds under newly formed Facilities Team

Tech Team works with office equipment but also liaisons with Celebration Team and SAGE for their tech needs

Team meets by zoom the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 6:30 pm

The two main areas of focus are finances and operations.

The Treasurer meets with staff monthly to review finances.

Each quarter, the team takes a larger view of income and expenses to budget as well as other areas of attention which may arise.




1Financial Overview

2. Business Management

3. Bylaws (subteam headed by Teresa Mulford)

4. Policy, Procedure & Bylaws

General Strategy:

  1. Employ competent Administrative Assistant
  2. Use Quickbooks for accounting in office. Hire bookkeeper for yearend
  3. Keep current with IT development
  4. Establish, maintain and document office procedures
  5. Coordinate and maintain calendar of all ministry activities.
  6. Update office equipment as needed.