Treasurer's Two Cents

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Jane CloosJane Cloos, Treasurer, Board of Trustees for Unity Spiritual Center of Lansing

Treasurer’s Two Cents APRIL 2022

Did You Know? In the US, a Chart of Accounts has the same basic layout across all industries:

Cash, Receivables, Assets & Depreciation/Amortization, Payables, Other Liabilities, Capital/Equity (the balance sheet accounts), then Income and Expenses (the profit & loss accounts)…now you know!

The big takeaway, the process of accounting is a set system – the wheel is already built – we just need to adhere to it.

More next month. Be well. ~ Jane


Financial News – Tithing


























The first quarter of 2022 was a good one; our Net Ordinary Income for the quarter was $7,991.77.


Year                      2022                     2021

Income                $52,310               $43,027

Expenses             $44,318               $32,991

Net                       $ 7,991                $10,035

In an effort to keep the positive trend going USCL has started using QR codes as an additional way to tithe.

Many thanks to Tyson Cowles for his extensive research on the options to make tithing easier!

The most economical way that Unity receives tithes is by cash or check (which is free), then PayPal. However, if you link your checking account to PayPal and select that option for paying, there are no fees to Unity.

We’d love your feedback on this new option for tithing.

Thanks all. ~ Jane

Qr code

Description automatically generatedTithing with the QR Code:

1. Turn on your camera and point it at the QR code – DO NOT TAKE A PICTURE. 

2. When the camera “locks on” to the QR code, it will pull up a link to PayPal.  Click on the link.

3. Once you are at the PayPal site, you can tithe with a Debit or Credit card or your checking account if you’ve linked it to PayPal.More next month. 

Be well.  ~ Jane

  Treasurer’s Two Cents MARCH 2022

Jane Cloos, Treasurer, Board of Trustees for Unity Spiritual Center of Lansing

  Did You Know?  

  Accounting has a primary formula at its root:  Assets = Liabilities + Equity…now you know!

Three elements of my mission as treasurer are: stewardship of the members’ tithes, accuracy in     reporting, and compliance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, or GAAP.  By definition GAAP is “a    collection of commonly-followed accounting rules and standards for financial reporting.” 

Toward that end, some of the markers I look for when reviewing financials are: 1.) does the Cash   Balance on the Balance Sheet match the reconciled bank statement, 2.) has the previous month’s earnings   remained the same since the last review, 3.) does the current month’s earnings match the change in cash the balances, and 4.) does the earnings on the Profit & Loss statement match the Balance Sheet.

More next month.  Be well.  ~ Janefinancial report February 2022

At the annual members’ meeting of USCL, Jane made a commitment to share our financials. 

Here is the first condensed report.  USCL is currently operating in a deficit.  Shortages are covered by our reserves as we take this time to rebuild our community from the impact of the 2019 fire and the Covid pandemic.

We are blessed with loving, consistent supporters of this community.  Thank you.

Unity’s Prayer for a Consciousness of Abundance

Co-created by the Leadership Council

Unity Spiritual Center of Lansing is open to unlimited possibilities.  We have taken up residency in a world of abundance.  As a divine force for Good in the Universe, we give generously and receive gratefully. 

Filled with divine ideas and blessed with the Will and Understanding to bring them into manifestation, Source is flowing freely for our highest good.

We are awakened and aware. We heed our intuition and follow God’s guidance with every step we take.  We declare that there is no lack, there are no blocks, for we are open to Source to flow freely as us.

With God in charge of our lives and affairs, only good will flow to and through us. 

We dedicate all of our assets and energies to the will and the work of Holy Spirit and find the joy in every day as our needs are met and exceeded with ease and grace. 

With hearts overflowing with gratitude, we are humbled with the blessings that pour down upon us.

And so it is. Allah, Shalom, Amen, Namaste.