Board of Trustees

The 2018 Board of Trustees meet as part of the Leadership Council on the third Monday of every month.

President: Dan Maynard (2020 - end of 1st term)

Vice President: Lesia Batchynsky (2020 - completing a two year term)

Secretary: Nancy Cody (2019 - end of 1st term)

Treasurer: Greg Edwards (2021 - end of 1st term)

At Large: Greg Dening (2020 - end of 2nd term)

At Large: Deb Otis (2019 - end of 2nd term)

At Large: Chris Janson (2021 - end of 1st term)

Dan MaynardLesia BatchynskyNancy CodyGreg Edwards






President                  Vice President                  Secretary                      Treasurer

Dan Maynard             Lesia Batchynsky            Nancy Cody                   Greg Edwards

Greg DeningChris Janson






Greg Dening                      Deb Otis                       Chris Janson