Board of Trustees

The 2020 Board of Trustees meet as part of the Leadership Council on the fourth Tuesday of every month.

President: Dan Maynard (2023 - end of 2nd term)

Vice President: Nancy Cody (2022 - end of 2nd term)

Secretary: Christine Clements (2023 - end of 1st term)

Treasurer: Greg Edwards (2021 - end of 1st term)

At Large: Claire Powers (2023 - end of 1st term)

At Large: Lee Nelson (2022 - end of 1st  term)

At Large: Chris Janson (2021 - end of 1st term)

Dan MaynardNancy CodyGreg DeningGreg Edwards






Dan Maynard             Nancy Cody          Christine Clements         Greg Edwards

Chris Janson





Chris Janson                      Lee Nelson             Claire Powers