Board of Trustees

The 2020 Board of Trustees meet as part of the Leadership Council on the fourth Tuesday of every month.

Two new Board of Trustees will be elected by the members at the Annual Membership Meeting Sunday, March 6th, 2022 at noon.

Dan Maynard


President: Dan Maynard

(2023 - end of 2nd term)

Vice President: Kathy Assiff

(2023 - end of 1st term)

Secretary: Casey Miller

(2023 - end of 1st term)

Treasurer: Jane Cloos

(2024 - end of 1st term)





At Large: Chrissie Shearer

(2024 - end of 1st term)


At Large: Lee Nelson

(2022 - end of 1st  term)

Nancy Cody


At Large: Nancy Cody

(2022 - end of 2nd term)