Celebration Team

Celebration Services Team

Unity Spiritual Center of Lansing


Mission Statement:  To create well planned celebration services that inspire and uplift, model Unity Principles, and include everyone.


Team Leader as of 03/09/16  Lucille Olson

Team Secretary as of 03/09/16  Sue Winkelstern

Board link  Greg Dening 



Platform assistants, Greeters – welcome packets – special care/newcomers, Music, Order of Service, ASL – signing

Wednesday Prayer Service, Ushers, Sanctuary ambiance/decorations


General Strategy:

Report to leadership council regularly

                Board Link – Greg Dening, Nancy Cody

                Team Leader – Rev.Sharon Ketchum/Lucile Olsen

Maintain records of team decisions and plans

Set a budget for ambiance, flowers, etc.

Maintain a calendar of special events – Sue Winkelstern

Provide anything needed to fulfill the mission


Core Values targeted:

            Prayer,  Inclusiveness,  Joyfulness, Spiritual Awakening

Team Members

 Lucille Olsen Music Director/Choir   lucimusic38@gmail.com

Jeff English Musi Director/Band  englishjeff53@gmail.com

Greg Dening   g.dening@comcast.net

Nancy Cody nscody32@gmail.com

Jon Kazsuk    KazsukJD@gmail.com

Jim Prince   princejj2654@gmail.com

Edmund Mack, Ushers    mack.e@att.net

Sue Winkelstern   sue.winkelstern@yahoo.com

Bobbi Milar ASL Signing

Dan Maynard    office@dmaynard.net