Adopt A Family for Christmas 2021

Unity has adopted a local family to enhance their Christmas experience. We are supporting a single mother with 6 children ages 1 to 17. One of the children is being treated for Hodkings Lymphoma.

Below are links to the Christmas Wish list for each person in the family.

1. When you commit to one or more of the items, please email the information to so we can avoid duplicates

2. Gift(s) should be wrapped with a gift tag with the name of the person for whom it is intended.

3. All gifts must be at Unity by Sunday, December 19th so we can get them delivered to the family in time for Christmas -

- with the exception of the Christmas tree and decorations which we anticipate getting to them the week of December 5th.


Dear Santa,

For Christmas this year, I'd like...

MASTER LIST of entire family

General Family Needs

ANGELL 15 year old girl - Hodkins Lymphoma patient


AUGUST infant Boy 12 months

CHASTITY Mother 40 years old