Easter at Unity

“I came that they might have life

and have it abundantly.” – Jesus


Easter is the celebration of Life.

“Its inner meaning and spiritual significance is the awakening and raising to spiritual consciousness of the I AM in mankind,

which has been dead in trespass and error and buried in the tomb of materiality.” 

 – Charles Fillmore, “Keep a True Lent”


Dear friend,

            Easter morning is the celebration of new life, the day the stone was found rolled away from the tomb, the time darkness gives way to Light.  We at Unity Spiritual Center of Lansing had greatly anticipated that Easter would be our opportunity to roll away the limitations of the pandemic and once again experience the special Light of praying, singing, and celebrating together in our new sanctuary.  That will happen, but not for this Easter. 

Safe and sane practices are the Board’s primary concern for the wellbeing of our community.  We do not know when we will physically be ready to gather again. We do know it will happen in a divine order that will ensure a safe option to those who are ready be together in person.   Covid virus rates have been rising in the Lansing area during the month of March.  We are also still working to obtain code compliance approval from Delhi Township for our sanctuary occupancy permit.  Together, these conditions indicate that the time has not yet come to fully occupy our new home.

We do know that Easter will happen, different from expectations, but sacred and meaningful in our own special ways. The Light will always overcome darkness.  We will each continue to awaken to our oneness with God, each other, and all creation. 

The last recorded words of Jesus were “Into your hands I commit my spirit.” 

So too, we commit our spirit into the hands of the Divine for our guidance, joy, comfort, and new beginnings as we collectively arise from the ashes of the past and take flight into a bright, loving future.



Easter at Unity Spiritual Center of Lansing


April 2nd 11:00 AM                        Good Friday Meditation Service

Via Zoom Meeting ID: 177 417 886 Passcode: 601744


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April 4th 7:00 AM  Easter

Sunrise Meditation

– weather permitting

Silent Outdoor Meditation

 in the gazebo at the Unity Campus near the pond

We request social distancing. 

Chairs will be provided




April 4th 10:30 Easter Broadcast of Service from Unity Campus

This will be the first service recorded from our new sanctuary.

It will include our Unity band.  It is recorded and can be viewed at Facebook at Unity Spiritual Center of Lansing, YouTube, & our Website www.UnityLansing.org