Lucille Olson Celebration Day

After 39 years of inspirational musical service to Unity and the New Thought Movement, Lucille Olson is retiring from her position as Music Co-Director at Unity Spiritual Center of Lansing.

Our Sunday Service will be devoted to Lucille and her music, with some special guests, including her long time singing partner Jim Noble.  Following the service will be a potluck picnic. Everyone is invited to help us continue the celebration of Lucille.

Lucille has musically served a number of Unity ministers, including Rev. Dick Ammons, Rev. Amalie Frank, Rev. Kate DeMougin and Rev. Sharon Ketchum in Lansing and Rev. Jackie Letton in Denver  Lucille organized the Unity choir and composed and arranged music specifically for them.  Later this was to evolve into the New Thought Community Choir which is comprised of singers from both Unity Spiritual Center of Lansing and Fellowship for Today..  She also forrned and directed the Unity Quartet for a number of years.  During a short time when she lived in Colorado, Lucille worked with the Mile High Church of Religious Science as part of their choir.

Lucille was instrumental in making a mark with music in Unity's Great Lakes Region of Unity Churches.  She served as a pianist at the Great Lakes Region Conference for several years and organized and hosted the very first Great Lakes Musician Conference as well as offering a program when the conference was held in Minneapolis.

Lucille has worked with Unity on a national level also - presenting a special music program at a retreat at Unity Village and providing music for Rev. Karen Boland's women's retreats.

Lucille did three national music tours of Unity churches with the "I AM" trio:  Jim Noble, Norm Plew and herself.

Most notably, Lucille spent five years on a committee with Rev. Richard Mekdeci, Rev. Kathleen MCKenna, and Noah Karrash creating a new hymnal for Unity. This work evolved into what is now the Posifest and the Empower Music and Arts for licensing music by New Thought musicians.

Lucille has written over 200 songs, recorded 3 CD's plus one with Jim Noble. Her music appears in song book compilations and is sung by New Thought Churches all over the Unity States and Canada.

Some of her most popular songs are

1. Our Thoughts Are Prayers

2. Don't Put You Limits on My God

3. Possibility Junction (to correspond with the popular "Quest" program)

4. Love One Another

5. Sing Your Song

6. A Contemporary Lord's Prayer

Lucille is honored and respected by her peers as well as the congregations she has served.  Lucille is a facilitator of "A Course of Love", an author of weekly inspirational blogs, and an ordained Fellowship for Today minister.  We will continue to be blessed by her Monday afternoon class on "A Course Of Love", as well as her weekly blogs.

Thank you Lucille for so many jobs well done, good and faithful and talented servant!"

There is a box at Unity where you can place your notes of gratitude and remembrances to Lucille as we pay tribute to a tremendous work.