Mastering the Brain Game with Daniel McMahon

Welcome to Your Next Level!

Daniel is a certified train for the Brain Game (r) materials.

The Course is 10 weeks long and available at no charge for a free will love offering.

You can attend the class in person at Unity or join online through Unity's Zoom room. Contact the church office for the link  517 371-3010


You know you are ready to step into your true self (all of you), rise to your next level and live fully in your purpose. 

You no longer need to live with anxiety, while feeling isolated as you step into your heart-centered leadership.

Your doubt, resistance and uncertainty aren't on your level anymore. It's time to rewire your brain so you can ditch your imposter syndrome (like girl, bye).

The guilt, shame and blame will be left in the dust, as you tap into emotional mastery and begin freely living as your most potent self.

Free from overwhelm. Free from stress. Free from anxiety.

What would it be like to wake up everyday with a genuine sense of freedom; free from overwhelm, stress and the anxieties that keep you repeating old patterns and creating limiting results?

Mastering the BrainGAME™ is a must for anyone who truly desires mastery over their life experience. Whether you are challenged by a negative relationship, a difficult life situation, or a career that just can't seem to get off the ground the BrainGAME™ is your greatest ally!

Open up your capacity to magnetize your soul-mate clients. 

Trust in the universe as you rise to your highest Self so you can gracefully begin living in ease.
And expand in all aspects of your life, business, relationships as you claim what you truly desire and master the steps that will take you there.