"Prosperity" Book Study/Review

Douglas Eagles’ Book review on Charles Fillmore’s book “Prosperity” with "Food for Thought" questions on each chapter
An opening prayer
I am provided for because I have faith in Source as my omnipresent abundance.
I have faith in Source as my almighty resource and I trust Source to preserve me in my prosperity.
I trust the universal Spirit of prosperity in all my affairs. I come to God because I believe that He is and that He is rewarding of them that seek after Him.
1 Spiritual Substance, the Fundamental Basis of the Universe
The biggest thing I got out of this chapter: ”That there is a never ending supply of spiritual substance that is available to all, but any desire to use it for selfish ends will result in disaster.”
When you think of spiritual substance, what do you think of?
2 Spiritual Mind, the Omnipresent Directive Principle of Prosperity
The biggest thing I got out of this chapter. God is within me, and I am an expression of God. All desire are in God’s providence to be fulfilled with the understanding of wisdom and love.
Why is love, and wisdom important in fulfilling your desire?
3 Faith in the Invisible Substance, the Key to Demonstration.
The biggest thing I got out of this chapter. Faith is an essential building block, your belief in source which is invisible, works on ideals to bring them about, it is paramount that you do not attempt to see it at work, because you block it.
Why is Faith Blind?
4 Man the Inlet and Outlet of Divine Mind
What, I got out of this chapter. I couldn’t help but think of Unity’s 5 principles when I read this chapter particularly the 1st principal which is God is absolute Good, every-where present. And 5th principle - knowing and understanding the law of life, also called truth are not enough, a person must also live the Truth that they know.
How do you live your truth? What action have you done?
5 The Law That Governs the Manifestation of Supply
The biggest thing, I got out of this chapter.
The six step of necessary to manifestation can be discerned form the story of creation. One “let there be light” with a clear perception “ that god will provide”, two a field must be established done with affirmative pray, three this is when you use your imagination and visualization, fourth order preliminary preparations before demonstrations, five prayer being that of affirmation type, six the realization l and seventh rest and enjoyment
Would you give a child a million dollars knowing they would spend it on candy and ice creams? If not what does that tell you about your thought of prosperity?
6 Wealth of Mind Express Itself in Riches
The paragraph that caught my intention in this chapter: “You can do anything with the thoughts of your mind. They are yours and under your control. You can direct them, coerce them, hush them, and crush then. You can dissolve one thought and put another in its stead. There is no other place in the universe where you are the absolute master. The dominion given you as your divine right is over your thought only. When you fully apprehend this and begin to exercise your God-given dominion, you begin to find the way to God, the only door to God, the door of mind and thought.” Charles Fillmore
Do you have the habit of blessing everything you have?
A prayer in the middle
Infinite wisdom guide me, divine love Prospers me, I am successful in everything I undertake.
In quietness and confidence I affirm the drawing power of the divine love as my magnet of constantly increasing supply.
I have unbounded faith in the omnipresent substance increasing and multiplying at my word of plenty, plenty, plenty.
Father, I thank Thee for unlimited increase in mind money and affairs.
7 God Has Provided Prosperity for Every Home
The biggest thing I got out of this chapter is prosperity looks different for everyone. You cannot judge from your stand point, only source (God) knows
The affirmation I got from this chapter is, “I am determined to achieve success though doing God’s will “
When you where10, what made you feel prosperous?
8 God Will Pay Your Debts
The main thing I got from this chapter is, when your meditating, praying, or thinking, you are best to think about what you want to demonstrate, not what you seek freedom from, and thank the universe for it support and guidance.
Also I had to research the word Jehovah just to find out it another word for Lord or God.
Have you ever read anything, then realize you didn’t know what one word meant? Then when you find out it change your thought on what you just read.
9 Tithing, the Road to Prosperity
What stood out to me about this chapter is: a successful giver must have a willing mind “god love a cheerful giver.” Second the gift must be done in faith “the spirit in which it was given determines its value and power “. Third the offer should be just and fair proportion to all that one receives. Fourth wise distribution is to be determined by the individuals judgment, faith, sympathy, and will.
Beside money, what else do you tithe?
10 Right Giving, the Key to Abundant Receiving
Three things I got from this chapter:
1st the definition for race consciousness “is formed of thought currents and the dominant beliefs of all the people”.
2nd each man’s ideas and thoughts are as varied and show as many traits of character as the inhabitants of the world.
3rd how you feel when you give matter.
What difference between tilting and charity?
11 Laying up Treasures
I believe the main concept in this chapter is best stated as everyone can be assured that each day’s need will be met, and should not deprive themselves of today’s enjoyment for some imagined future need. You should not spend foolishly or save foolishly.
Your saving should be an opportunity fund which brings an increase in good vs. a rainy day fund saved because of fear which create misery.
Is there a difference between spiritual prosperity vs material prosperity?
12 Overcoming the Thought of Lack
The concept I got form this chapter is eliminating of thoughts that are not serving us. A few sentences in this chapter:
“As children outgrow their clothes, we outgrow ideals and ambitions, broadening our horizon as we advance.”
“A mental house cleaning is even more necessary than a material one, for the without is but a reflection of the within.”
“Know that money was made for man and not man for money.”
Do you have any thought , that are not serving you?
Ending Affirmation
I am the beloved of the Lord. He is with me in my righteous words, and they do accomplish that whereto I send them forth.
My cause is just, for it is my divine right to be supplied with all things whatsoever that the Father has placed at the disposal of His children.
I dissolve in my own mind and the minds of all others any idea that my own can be withheld from me. What is mine comes to me by the sure law of God, and in my clear perception of Truth I welcome it.
I am not fearful of poverty, and I am under obligation to no one. My opulent Father has poured out to me all resources, and I am a mighty channel of abundance.
I selfishly own nothing, yet all things in existence are mine to use and in divine wisdom to bestow upon others.