Thanksgiving Food Drive

POSTER for Food drive (pdf)

Thanksgiving Reverse Pre-Advent Calendar

If dropping food off at the Fledge, text Jerry Norris to let him know  517 230.7679

This very-difficult year has right food insecurities to many homes that have not seen it before, and has been worse for those who see Hunger as a frequent companion.  For those of us who have been lucky enough to enjoy continuous employment through “Safe at Home” and may feel called to give back to those who are still struggling.

We set-up this food donation calendar to put aside an item each day through the month of November to donate to a community pantry on the 25th, the day before Thanksgiving.  It we all do this collectively, we can “move the needle” of hunger in our community.

November 1 – Canned Soup                                                 November 14 – Pancake mix (complete just add water)

November 2 – Peanut Butter                                                    November 15 – Pack of cookies or other snacks

November 3 – Jelly in plastic bottle                                        November 16 – Oatmeal

November 4  – Spaghetti Sauce (canned)                              November 17 – Vegetable Oil

November 5 – Pasta                                                                    November 18 -  Canned tuna or chicken

November 6 – Shelf-safe Cheese (Parmesan)                       November 19 – Instant Potatoes

November 7 – Canned Beans                                                  November 20 – Canned Sweet Potatoes

November 8 – Canned Tomatoes or Tomato Sauce            November 21 – Canned Sweet Corn

November 9 – Hot Chocolate Mix                                           November 22 – Canned Mixed Vegetables

November 10 – Powered, canned or shelf-safe milk          November 23 – Canned Fruit

November 11 – Heat and service rice                                     November 24 – Stuffing Mix

November 12 – Juice Boxes                                                      November 25 – Packet or can of gravy

November 13 – Box of breakfast cereal

Fill boxes and paper bags of these items through the month as you shop, or add them to your regular Instacart or Shipt order.  Plan ahead the last few days, so you can drop off the items in time to be distributed by Thanksgiving.  The suggestion is to deliver them to The Fledge, 1300 Eureka or to the Greater Area Lansing Foodbank, but if you know of another food pantry close to you feel free to drop them off there.


A few hints for food donations:


Choose easy to open cans with pull tabs.  Do not assume any cooking skills.

Choose items a teenager or pre-teen can cook for working parents.

Or someone living in a car or camper can cook. Do not assume there are any additional ingredients. 

Imagine otherwise empty cupboards.


Thank you Linda Skillman and the Outreach and Social Team for this great idea and wonderful opportunity to support our neighbors.