Website Update

It's time for Unity to update our website.  We need input from you. We know you use the websie or you wouldn't be here!

And we'd like to make you life as easy as possible by making our website easy to use to find whatever you are looking for.

Below are links to 7 different website styles.

Which do you find easiest to navigate?

Which pages of our current website do you visit most frequently?

Are there things you'd like to see featured on our website?

We really want to hear from you.  (Note that pictures are simply for easy reference.  Each page has a scrolling feature)

  • Sonoran gives you space in up to five panels for impactful photos that speak to your community
  • This theme is perfect for those who are looking for creative freedom with their website
  • You can add up to buttons on each panel for important informational links
  • NOTE: There is no place on the homepage (panels) for a social media feed (however you can always link to your social media pages directly)
  • Great Live Example:
  • The haboob theme is engaging, informational, and modern. It blends visually engaging spotlights and provides an Announcement area on the home page to convey the most important information for your visitors. 
  • Grab visitors' attention with high-quality photos that lead them directly to the pages they're searching for
  • There are blocks on the home page for things like Social Media Feeds, Recent Blog posts, Upcoming Events Block, and more
  • Great Live Example:

Mojave Theme: (Would make sure it is Unity Branded)
  • Mojave is visually engaging with minimal text and has space for video content.
  • Share your latest news or blog in an engaging way
  • Space to share your social media feeds and upcoming events
  • Great Live Example:
Picacho Theme: (Would make sure it is Unity Branded)
  • Built for busy communities, Picacho can be transformed into a curated hub of important information and upcoming events for your community
  • Large areas for featureds news or blog stories
  • Display your social media feeds in one place
  • Easy to navigate main menu in the sidebar area of your website
  • Great Live Example:
  • The Saguaro theme is perfect for those with an active event calendar! There are upcoming events blocks and Featured events blocks throughout the home page
  • Large banner areas to help promote important areas your members are searching for
  • Easy to navigate main menu and large call to action button perfect for love offerings
  • Great Live Example:

Papago Theme: (Would make sure it is Unity Branded) 
  • Engaging and concise, Papago is the perfect option for visual storytelling. Add images that speak to your community and your cause
  • Minimalistic menu structure makes site navigation a breeze and enables you to direct visitors to the pages you want them to visit the most
  • Callout text to spotlight your mission or to add important annoucements
  • Highlight the six most important areas you'd like to raise awareness about from upcoming events to volunteer opportunities
  • Great Live Example:

Gila Theme: (Would make sure it is Unity Branded) 
  • Classis, bright, and simple. Gila is the modern version of one of our most popular classic themes. 
  • Bold Call To Action Buttons draw attention to areas you'd like to highlight
  • Three circle icons to display your focus areas and lead to dedicated pages
  • Sidebar menu allows for a full-screen image to be the star of the show and makes navigation simple
  • Low maintenance theme
  • Great Live Example: