What's Happening at USCL

July 19th, 2020


People have had some questions about what’s going on at USCL.


What’s happening with the building at 230 S Holmes St?

Nan Podany and the rest of the Building Revitalization Team has continued to work. That’s right – even during a pandemic! We finally got approval from the City of Lansing for rezoning on March 12th and progress was stopped by COVID until mid-June. An architect was hired to create plans that can be sent to contractors for bids. The team is reviewing the work with cost considerations in mind.


How are we doing financially?                                                                                                                                          

Income from love offerngs has decreased by approximatley one-third and expenses have been decreased by 20%. We anticipate expenses increasing approximately $2000.00 per month if we begin taping a full-format service with the band.

Whether you “attend” a Sunday service, Conversation Café, Wednesday evening Meditation and Prayer Circle, there are many ways to contribute. (check, credit card, PayPal). Your contributions are always appreciated! Some people have found it easier to have their contribution sent automatically.

We applied for PPP (Payroll Protection Plan) funds and received the money a couple weeks ago. At least 65% of the $18,000.00 received has to go toward salaries, which does not include the band. (Thank you, Jane Cloos!) We also received a donation from Unity Church of Rochester in Rochester Hills, Michigan.

Members who’d like to see the detail of our financials are welcome to see them; just call the office (517) 371-3010. (Note: this does not include donors’ names)


Is the Board of Trustees taking the summer off?

Absolutely not! Between COVID and building revitalization issues, they’re working/meeting overtime, often more than monthly, with additional work between meetings.


Why do I have to make an appointment to visit the office?

Following CDC guidelines, the maximum capacity of the office is 6. To guarantee safe working conditions, it is important to control access to the offices. The office phone rings directly to Rev. Sharon’s cell phone, so someone is always available to talk with you. If you do come to the office, you will be asked to sign in, take your temperature, wear a mask and use hand sanitizer while staying 6 feet away from anyone else.there.


Since we’re not really “open,” what does Reverend Sharon do?

A minister’s job is so much more than a Sunday talk! She is in the midst of an educational process which includes learning about Covid-19 best practices, racism & white privilege and best practices for creating Virtual Church. She also continues to pray, connect with congregants through conversation café, phone, email and FB and attend virtual Board of Trustees/team meetings. Sharon and our office manager, Jessica, stay physically distanced and conduct most of their interaction through phone and email. Sharon is working on increasing self-care through planned days off in the near future.


On a final note, in light of COVID-19, the board and Rev. Sharon agreed to an extension of her current contract (which expired June 30th) through January 2021.


In Light and Love,

Your Board of Trustees