Defining God - Ruminations about the Universe

Hello, my name is Doug, I’ve been thinking about the world, and how it is viewed by everyone, and why there are so many differences , and conflicts in the world. That’s why I came up with a concept that brings it all together for me, and here it is.
We live in three worlds.
When I say world, I do not mean physical world. The worlds, I’m talking about are what we create in our minds, and we experience for ourselves, as real. I cannot experience any of your worlds, for they are yours, and yours alone.
The Basic understanding
The world of imagination, is where thinking occurs, where believes reside, and where the first blueprints are built.
The inter-active world . Is where, we have agreed-upon meanings for things. This is the world of the body. Each person has a different version of this world, however we have a lot of things in common, otherwise we would not interact. This is the world of the now or the present, also the realm of the five senses.
The mysterious world (real world) is where we come from, and what we are made of. No one has seen this world, in it’s entirety, it’s beyond comprehension,
Intermediate understanding
The world of imagination is unique to you. This is your inner world, you share with no one. This is where the past, and future reside. This is the world where change begins. It is up to you, how you, use your imagination. This is where beliefs are set in motion. This is the place where you can change your perspective. This is the only place, where you can change how the past effects you, and you can play with the future, but it’s only in the present moment in which this is possible.
The inter-active world is the world of action where things happen in the present moment. Most people consider this to be reality , I consider it the collective reality, because we share this world with others. Everyone has a different viewpoints of this world. You are in this world when you read, listen to, or watch someone else. This is the world of the five senses, and where science resides. This world is where conflicts occur, because the differences in how, things are perceived. This is where you bring your ideal, concept, perceptions/beliefs from your own imaginations, and share them with others, you also pick up other peoples idea, and make them your own, because you change them to fit your view point.
The mysterious world is all pervasive, which means it is everything, and everywhere, all there is, there is no place it is not. We built the other two worlds, with the mysterious world. In the interactive world we can find tangible representation of the mysterious world, in the form of objects, symbols and places. However, this tangible representations are not complete representations of the mysterious world, because complete understanding is beyond our comprehension, because everything we know, or don’t know resides in the mysterious world.
You are part of the mysterious world, and the mysterious world is incomplete without you.
There is a mysterious part of you, that you are unable to understand, in your human form. Though in human form we do get a glimpse of this mysterious part of us. Which where unable to describe, this experience completely to others. Thus we go into our imagination world, to come up with concepts, and Ideal, to try to describe this moment. This is the birth of spiritual beliefs, which resides in the imagination world, because were unable to corroborate, with the five senses.
Advance understanding
I see my interactive world part, of my three worlds concept as an adaptation to (we live in a computer simulation) concept. Instead of living in a computer, we live in reality , but we perceive it as a simulation created by our mind. When we interact in reality, we creat our own simulation of shared reality . Which is one of a kind for everybody. This explain why there are so many different prospective on any given subject.
The imagination world is where we use this ability, to create simulation, and come up new possibilities, and experiment with them in the form of thought experiments within our mind, to see how it might work in the interactive world.
The mysterious world is all there ever was, all there is, and all there ever will be. The imagination world, and interactive world, are just title, or names for an aspect of the mysterious world. In much the same way when some one ask you who are you? You say father, mother, son, daughter, sister, brother, Jane, John, plumber, golfer, and so on and so on. This are just title or aspects of who you our, there not a complete picture of who you are, they represent aspects of who you are, and you are much more.
In closing
In the same sense that the interactive world, and imagination world are aspects of the mysterious world, you might think that you are an aspect of the mysterious world, that would be wrong, because where much more. We are spiritual being experiencing our own individuals fractal/part of the mysterious world, with much unknown to us, in are human form.
What is the human form you might ask , it is an aspect of our spiritual being, that resides in the interactive/material/real/collective world it not the whole picture. Another way of saying this would be ‘the human form is the tangible representation of an intangible universal substance’ this is similar to of how Eric Butterworth refer to money in book spiritual economic “money is a tangible representation of an intangible universal substance “
After reading what I just wrote, I have a better understanding of the trinity doctrine. Yes I am talking about the father, the son, and the holy sprite. I never really understood, how the three could be one, until now. When I realize the father, and the son are aspect of the holy sprite or god/divinity if you prefer.
There are similarity between the trinity and three world concept
The imagination world would represent the father because that where ideal are conceived. The interactive world represent the son, because that is where ideal are materialize, so they can grow change as they interact with other ideal.
The mysterious world represent the holy sprite, because that where everything comes from, and the piece/part that you are is the holy spark.
Sincerely Douglas 

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