Share the Unity Warmth Food Drive

Our partner The Fledge, continues to be a source of support for our neighbors.  

They have arranged a "Safe" food pantry. 

Donations are received at the driveway to the left of the entrance to the Fledge building, 1300 Eureka Street, Lansing.

Ring the doorbell or pre-arrange a meeting time with Jerry Norris - contact info is below.

Or you can leave items at the back door of Unity's office at 1426 E. Michigan Avenue.  Two green recycling bins await.

All donated items are then sanitized and placed in plastic bags.  Then they are put out for pick up and, in some cases, delivery.

They are accepting canned goods and things that help make an easy meal - like spaghetti. and sauce.  

Produce is also a sought after commodity.

They are also accepting "perishables" like milk, eggs and bread. 

If you plan to drop off perishables, it is especially important to contact Jerry Norris

first so that he can make arrangements to meet you and place the items in the fridge.