Book Review "Spiritual Economics" by Doug Eagle

1st Affirmation 
Things may happen around you, thing may happen to you, but the only things that matter are the thing that happen within you.

The book Spiritual Economics by Eric Butterworth has a lot of information.  I will only cover what stood out to me as key to my understanding of the book. I am visualizing, I was sent to Seminar and was told before I went I would be giving presentation to this group with questions allowed.
With that in mind I read the book with a high level of concentration which for me means, I get a greater understanding out of the book. This is why I am grateful for being allowed to facilitate SALT. Plus I hope I’m giving you a different prospective if you have read the book in past, or spark an interest in reading it if you haven’t. For me the best way to learn is to teach.

Prosperity is to accept responsibility for your thoughts, know your not responsible for what other say, however you are responsible for what you think about these thing. Don’t let other tell you how to think or feel.

1 The truth about substance
We are the activity of God. God is substance, and is present at every point in space at the same time.
Substance will come to your aid if you allow it to flow through your consciousness, giving you inspirational ideals which, if acted upon, will allow the flow to continue giving you more ideaa.
Why are ideas the currency of God?

2 Your fortune begins with you
Thing my happen to you, however the only thing that counts is what happens within. The world you live in is the sum total of your thoughts, so if you change your thoughts you change your world.
There are no miracles! In an orderly universe all things are possible under divine law. Your faith is key to apply the law that transcends human limitations.
The way to change your luck is to alter your thoughts, a belief in good luck (miracles) mean you also believe in bad luck (misfortune) - this can frustrate your progress.

Miracles, good lucks, and bad lucks come from outside of you. What comes comes from within you that create your fortune!

3 The law of visualization
Visualizing is the process where you see and feel the end result in your imagination. Note your nervous system can not tell the difference between imagination and the actual experience.
You see things, not as they are, but as you are. Perception is shaped according to experience, and beliefs. Keep a clear perspective because you are not an unthinking reactor to condition, you are a creative human with a unique viewpoint with your own divine flow.
Center yourself at the root of the reality within, remember you see things as you are not as they really are, your true image is not something you get, it something you discover. (Example, I want to change myself image because I don’t like myself, however, you do not change your self image by rejecting who you are, you change by discovering who you are.)

Why do people see thing differently? Is it because we see things the way we are? Does anyone see things the way they really are?

4 If you can believe
Jesus said you can do all that I can do (if you believe) and more.
The universal source is always turned on, you are like a dimmer switch which allows as much divine flow as you will allow. If you believe In lack, you will experience lack. However you recenter you thought in abundance you will allow more substance (power) to flow within you, thus brighten up the lights.
It possibly to make money to demonstrate prosperity and yet never find prosperity, because there no awareness of the ever present substance within you, if you know the cause of abundance is within it will expand.
Faith is relying on your conscience to let your uniqueness unfold, and to let that which is attracted by your uniqueness manifest in your life. Don’t try to be like anyone,
but yourself.
No miracles are needed - you are a rich and creative spiritual being, you can never be less than. Within you is unborn possibilities, if you can believe.

Was there anything you thought was impossible, but after you saw someone else do it, you where able to do it yourself?

5 The grateful heart
We usually consider gratitude in the bases of obligation, someone does something we fell obligated to show appreciation.
Gratitude is not for God, you are not obligated to thank God for your life, for prosperity. However giving thanks is an important state of consciousness that keeps your awareness within you of the Divine flow. A grateful heart opens the way to a flow which becomes a force to draw to it great things.
It is not something you do to a thing, rather it a correction of mentality that you project to them. The grateful heart will always attract to itself in one way or another the things needed to solve situations, without exerting power over other people, condition, or things.  In fact it doesn’t change them, it changes your thoughts and feelings and your consciousness that you project into your world.

Have you ever experience the power of a grateful heart?

6 Work and success syndrome
The belief that work is to earn a living, and that we consider success in terms of titles, salaries, and where we are on the ladder need to be unlearned.
Life is a growth process, and we grow through giving. You spend a great deal of time at work. You have to earn your level of consciousness every day, so what you do at work effect your consciousness.
God can do no more for you then he can do through you. Remember consciousness is key make a commitment to think of your work not as a place to make a living, but an opportunity to make a life. If you keep yourself in tune with creative flow either your job will change, or you will move to another job.

Can you think of anything you had to unlearn in order to learn?

7 How to reverse financial adversity
We all require goods and services in order to live, and a source of income to make it possible. When two or more are talking together, a real energy flow is projected into the economy, “make it positive.”
You can change your life by altering your thoughts, begin by taking responsibility for your life. Don’t worry about what others are doing it is “out there”.  There nothing you can do about it.. However, because you can change your thoughts, the desire within you will materialize.
In every attempt in life there must be possibility of success and failure, because it is an essential part of learning. The fear of failure has stopped many people from doing their heart's desire where failure was possible. This dampened creativity and imagination.
You are responsible for the way you accept the things that happen to you. Within you is limitless unborn creative substance, therefore a tragedy can become a blessing, and failure is a great opportunity. Remember you are needed even when you have a need, and there a divine mind counterpart for every need.
An affirmation
“ I know this is the best thing that could happen to me, for I know it is happening now to reveal a new lesson to learn.”

Can you think of a time when it appeared like you have failed, only later to discover that it was the best thing that could have happen?

8 Security in a changing world
When you place an emphasis on outer things (human drive) you miss the meaning of life. Life is for the expression of growth and expansion (divine drive). When you think only about being safe, this will dampen your desire to grow, explore, and advance.
We absorb the collective consciousness by osmosis, for that reason alone a wise person will have minimal insurance coverage. Also there is great difference between wanting to believe and really believing.
Listen to your consciousness, not just your ideas. If you really believe, press on with the courage of your conviction. However don’t delude yourself, if you are anxious, or have fear. You have unbelief as well, it is the why ( motivation) that is key. You can find security in the realization that your a channel for the divine infinite mind.
Do you have possession or are you possessed by things. If you are possessed by your thing, you may be unconsciously trying to cover your unworthiness.

How do you find security? What do you trade for security?
2nd Affirmation
I am secure because I know who I am: a richly endowed child of God.
I am secure in all that I do: for I know my oneness with the Devine process.
I am secure in all I have: for I know my treasure is in my mind, not in my things.
I live my life from day to day as if God’s supportive substance, were as exhaustless and dependable, as the air I breathe. Which it most certainly is.

9 The money enigma
Money is what people worry about the most, are happiest, and unhappiest about.
How can money be evil when we can not do without it. In a world where monetary exchange is indispensable to civilization.
Economists, defines money in term of the function it performs. Butterworth, defines it as a tangible representation of the intangible universal substance.
Millionaires become millionaires by a sudden, or progressive unfoldment of an idea within them to overcome a challenge, which benefits many people. And the challenge was not to become a millionaire. Note you have same access to infinite mind and resource that flows through millionaires.
Money is good! Money is God in action. Money is directly or indirectly involved in every thing we do all day long. So it imperative that we have a positive attitude about it. Never allow money of any amount to pass through your hands without blessing it. When you give thanks there no depletion, but an increase because you have kept it flowing.
Determine money is a symbol of abundance, not of limitation.

“Money is a tangible representation of an intangible universal substance ( God)”. What does this mean to you? Are there any other tangible things, that represent intangible concept?

10 Discover the wonder of giving
A teaching in prosperity falls short, if it fails to teach how, and why to give.
There two type of people; the givers, and the takers. Do not think of this as a judgement. We are not talking about the "others". We are dealing with ourself, it’s a self test.
As a taker you look outside yourself. You ask. What in for me? You plan ways to get what you want. Remember looking outside yourself will never bring peace, security, or fulfillment.
As a giver you look within yourself. You realize life is about the unfoldment and personal development of your gifts that God gave you. And you know that life is a giving process, therefore you give love, and service. You are secure because you know your good flows form within.
The sense of meaninglessness is the biggest cause of depression, and addiction of all types. So you say “my life as no meaning!” Answer life in it self doesn’t have meaning because meaning is something you release from within.
Many people find great pleasure in work that other would have to be dragged to. It is not the work, but the since in which it is done. The work that will bring great pleasure to you, is the one you can do with the most enthusiasm. When you turn inward to your creative flow at work money will be secondary because you will be doing the things you love doing.
Giving is a state of consciousness, which happen in many different way.

There is no obligation of the lily of valley to return a portion of its fragrance to God. Your life is a gift to you, what you do with it, is your gift to God. What thought does this bring up in you?

11 A new look at tithing
Tithing is not a law but a technique for fulfilling the law of giving, thus an excellent training tool.
The history of tithing in the ancient world Under Theoretical (Religious government ) law, the tithe was a form of taxation, and was mandatory It was not a love offering, or charitable contributions. It was a method of creating revenue. Also the tithe were used to pay tribute for safe passage.
Books sometime suggest tithing is a good investment, a way to get rich, you expect to get more then you give, your working the law instead of the law working you.
Do I tithe to get things, if so I am tithing but not really giving. Tithing is a way of getting into the giving consciousness, but it not a substitute for the giving attitude. At some point the training wheel of tithing can be let go, so we can demonstrate the law of giving which is done with love and free will.
You are essentially a giving person. The kingdom of heaven is within you, it is not a place in space, it is an inner potential that is released through you. There is no need for magic when you work diligently to keep in the flow of life.

Do you give out of obligation, expectation, or just out of love? What the difference?

12 A new world order
No matter how bad things may appear, it how you deal with them in your thought that matter.
“A Mind once stretched by a new idea ( awareness) can never go back to it original dimension.” Oliver Wendell Homes
When you experience a crisis you been given an opportunity to expand your awareness. To overcome this obstacle new growth is required, so you draw upon and mobilize all available means to do so. In doing this you discover power within you which you didn’t know about.
Very few people discover their full potential.  Now imagine what life would be like for you if you did, now expand that to every one else.
Lack is a collection of conditions, which can be corrected by stirring up the gift of God within. Thus increase your level of consciousness, which is creating a change in the world to that degree. True it may be small and imperceptible, however it is real, and does set off a ripple effect. (Butterfly effect)
Just think one person by changing there thoughts can powerfully influence prosperity in the world.
“Let there be prosperity on earth, and let it begin with me “

( Do you know that the Chinese symbol for crisis translates to either opportunity, or danger.) What the difference between thoughts of danger, vs thoughts of opportunity?

Affirmation 3
I am only one, but I am one.
I can’t do everything, but I can do something.
What I can do, I ought to do.
And what I ought to do, by the Grace of God, I will do

Douglas Eagle