A Course Of Love with Lucille Olson

Weekly on Mondays at 1:30 pm beginning September 14th

Discussion group facilitated by Lucille Olson.

Each week the group reads a section of the book and then enters into a discussion of the insightful ideas.

Drop-ins are welcome

Zoom connection posted on the USCL Discussion Group page on Facebook or you can get the Zoom link by email Lucille at lucimusic38@gmail.com

Class is offered at no charge.  Love offerings are accepted.  You can make a donation by  clicking here and designating the donation to Lucille Olson.

You can also mail a check to 1426 E. Michigan Ave., Lansing MI 48912


ABOUT A Course of Love 

A Course of Love is a living course that leads to the recognition, through experience, of the truth of who we really are as human and divine beings a truth much more magnificent than we previously could imagine. In the absence of knowing who we truly are, humans are doomed to continually re-create a world of suffering.