Leadership Council and Ministry Teams

The Leadership Council of Unity Spiritual Center of Lansing is comprised of

The Board of Trustees and the Leads of our Mission Focused Teams.

Teams are envisioned and created by the congregation.  Each team is self-directed and empowered to work in cooperation with other ministry team.  A board member often liaisons with each team.

USCL's Leadership Council

2022 Board of Trustees:

President Dan Maynard, Vice President Kathy Assiff, Secretary Jill Dening, Treasurer Jane Cloos, Members at Large: Chrissie Shearer. Teresa Mulford, Lucille Olson.

Our Pledge: Recognizing God as our Infinite Source and Power, we, the servant leaders of Unity Spiritual Center of Lansing, are anchored in the spiritual practices of meditation, tithing and visioning. Thank you, God, for the opportunity to love and to serve!


Ministry Teams

Jerry Podany
Jerry Podany

Administration with business symbols  ADMINISTRATION TEAM Lead: Jerry Podany

  Mission:   The Administration Team’s mission is to provide effective       administration support for the ministry and its mission.

 Board Liaison: Jane Cloos

 Subteams: Budget, Tech, Venue Rental Task Team

 Main Responsibilities:  Financials, Operations, Buildings and Grounds



Jeff English Music Director
Jeff English

music symbols, director, golden sky  CELEBRATION TEAM

Lead: Jeff English

  Mission: To create well planned celebration services that inspire and uplift,   model Unity Principles, and include everyone  



  Sub teams: Music - Jeff English, Ushers - Edmund Mack; Counters - Stacey     Ames; Platform Assistants Chris Janson, Choir on Hiatus

  Coordinates with Design Team and Tech Team

  Main Responsibilities - Sunday Service Experience


Danielle McMahon
Danielle McMahon

closeup of eye with rainbow - SAGE logo  SAGE TEAM

Lead: Danielle McMahon 

 (Spiritual Awakening Generates Enlightenment)

 Mission:  To provide spiritual growth and development classes, seminars,   activities and resources that support participants’ spiritual awakening to their   oneness with God, each other, and all creation

  Board Liaison: Dan Maynard

 Main Responsibilities: Planning SALT, Classes, Workshops and Special Events   like movies and concerts


Susan Winkelstern
Sue Winkelstern

Words - Design Team  DESIGN TEAM

 Team Lead: Susan Winklestern

 Board Liaison: Nancy Cody

 Main Responsibilities: Oversee the cohesive appearance in all decorating   designs, plan special decor for holidays, determine permanent signage, display   placement, furniture, paint colors, deep cleaning



Teresa Mulford
Teresa Mulford

hands creating a board layout Design Team logo ID TEAM


Lead: Teresa Mulford

 (I.D.E.A. Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Acceptance/Accessibility)

  Board Liaison: Kathleen Assiff

  Mission: “To promote increased awareness of the many facets of diversity in     an effort to consciously practice the Unity principle of being an inclusive,  safe, and welcoming environment for all people.”

 Main Responsibilities: Coordinate with other teams to ensure Inclusion and Diversity is a consideration in their activities, review signage, graphics and displays for IDEA values, education, Facebook postings and more.


Chris Janson
Chris Janson

Outreach Team and Social Activities Team: CHRIS JANSON

circle with outreach and social

 Mission:   To acknowledge the interests of USCL and the community by engaging with others in ways that advance the movement of shared spiritual awakening, incorporating Unity principles by creating oneness with God, each other, and all creation.    

Subteams are active:  Lunch Bunch, Caring Connections, kitchen Team, Library, Labyrinth, Lugnuts, Game Nights


logo for tech teamTECH TEAM Lead: Greg Dening

Board Liaison:

 Main Purpose - to insure best functioning and best practices for all technology

 Works with Administration Team for Office computers, Celebration Team for Video, Sound and Hybrid Broadcasting, SAGE Team for Virtual and Hybrid events either on Zoom or YouTube and Venue Rental Team for rental needs for sound, video, steaming



Venue Rental E Team

Coordinates with Administration Team 

Board Liaison: Dan Maynard

Event Facilities Manager: Jeff English

Book Agent: Jessica Shelton, Office Manager

This team establishes costs, sets prices, arranges staffing etc. make the Unity Campus available for non-Unity events for members, congregants, non-profits and organizations.


Nanette Podany
Nanette Podany

3 coffee cupsFellowship/Kitchen: 

Leads Nanette Podany 

and Chris McEnhill  

Chris McEnhill
Chris McEnhill

Schedule volunteers for serving snacks and beverages before, during and following Sunday Service.  Cleaning up following service.

Also organize table decorations in conjunction with Design Team

Sub team of Outreach /Social


plate and silverware - Lunch BunchLunch Bunch (Outreach): Lead Nancy Claytor

A monthly social gathering the 1st Friday of the month at a local restaurant.  This is a "no-host" lunch for the purpose of socially connecting.

These gathering occur when Covid rates indicate it is safe to do so.

Sub team of Outreach/Social




praying hands with lightSilent Prayer Team:  Lead Rev. Sharon

A team of 12 people prayer with all those who request prayer support.  Prayer requests come through our prayer box in the Great Hall Entry, online and by phone at 571 371-3010 (you can leave a message).





leaf and words Caring ConnectionsPastoral Connections: Lead Deb Pennington

Sending out cards and making phone calls to those experiencing health challenges, grief, or in need of connection



Although the team is not currently active, EarthCare activities continue

Styrofoam Recycling: Sybil Spencer and Lisa Schmidt

Dental supplies recycling: Lisa Schmidt

Recycling Batteries: variety of people

Also: collecting aluminum tabs to support Ronald McDonald House

Activities on the horizon: Community Garden, Memorial Meditation Forest


As we reorganize in a time of post fire, post relocating and impact of Covid-19, the following teams are on hiatus until congregational leadership is moved to reinstitute, refresh and reorganize as they are being called to do.

outlines of man, woman, childYouth and Family Ministry Team:  OPEN

Until our youth program re-forms, all ages are welcome into Sunday Services. There is a family area in the SE corner of the great hall as well as activities books for young people.

Mission:  Rooted in love, joy, integrity and Unity Principles, we strive to provide a safe and respectful environment that enables today's youth to become tomorrow's world changers.

The Youth and Family ministry previously worked in conjunction with SAGE (Spiritual Awakening Generates Enlightenment) to coordinate our learning programs.

ORGANIZATIONAL CHART to be updated post pandemic - currently we are in the flow, serving as we are called, morphing as we are guided, and showing up in safe, supportive, loving endeavors.