Meet Us at The FLEDGE, Visit us at the "Phoenix Offices"

As the Unity building recovers from the September 8th, 2019 fire, meet us at The Fledge.


Our neighbors have been kind enough to invite us to use the sanctuary space at this neighborhood creative incubator.

Each Sunday morning, the Celebration Team and Fellowship team prepare the space for service.  We can accomodate up to 120 people. Parking is available at the Ronald McDonald parking lot on Sundays, as well as the Unity lot.

Located at 1300 Eureka, the building is one block north of the Unity building.

The main level of the Fledge is handicap accessile with an outside ramp on the Holmes Street side of the building.  There is a bathroom on the main level off the entry way.  Fellowship time is also held on the sanctuary level.  Sunday SALT (Sunday Adult Learning Time) is held on the lower level, first door on the right.

The Fledge is a radically inclusive environment serving neighbors, immigrants, newly returning citizens, and more.  It helps people learn practicle skills and guides them to start their own businesses.  The Fledge operates on values over rules.

The lower level contains a kitchen, an T shirt print company, several recording studios and an open conversation spaceas well as the room we use for our Sunday SALT sesions.  There are always projects in progress.

The lobby is a store for products created by members at the Fledge.  The yard is a variety of vegetation. All produce is available to whomever needs it.

You will also find racks of clothes for free for anyone in need.

WEEKDAY OFFICES have been temporarily relocated to 1426 E. Michigan Avenue, across from the Soup Spoon.  Phone number remains the same 517 371-3010


"PHOENIX OFFICES" 1426 E.Michigan Avenue 

  We are still unpacking and organizing but we are up and running.  You'll find the offices directly across from Soup Spoon and Fabianos Chocolates. 

Some things to know:

1.  There are several parking spaces behind the building and more parking across the street.

2. There is a ramp to the back door for anyone experiencing mobility challenges.  We are asking people to use the front door unless they are mobility challenged, as the back door opens direclty into the Administrators office.

3.  There is a bathoom, a water cooler and an open space.  The National Association of Social Workers Michigan gifted us with a couple of dozen stackable chairs.