Our Sunday Music Ministry

Unity Spiritual Center of Lansing is known for its eclectic and inspiring music.  All styles of music are represented and appreciated at Unity! Whether it's listening to a guest musicians (both amateur and professional), attending one of our Sunday Services of all-music or enjoying a special afternoon concert--people have said over and over again how much they were inspired and moved by the music that resonates in our spiritual space.

Prepare to be MOVED!


Jeff English - Music Director


Jeff holds a Master's Degree from Michigan State University in Choral Direction.  Jeff is the "staff" that composes an uplifting, expert music program at Unity.  He is also a member of the Unity Worldwide Music Team and active with Empower Music and Arts.  He recently retired from teaching at the East Lansing High School. You'll find him active (along with his wife, Jennifer, and their family) in local theater productions both as an actor and as a musical director. Jeff is a consummate pianist and vocalist. He leads our Unity Jazz Band which plays in every Sunday morning service. In addition, Jeff is a composer of individual songs and musical scores. Come sing with us!


The Unity Jazz Band

Each Sunday a group of accomplished and talented musicians combine with Jeff, on the keyboard, and Lucille, on the piano, to support our service with exciting and inspiring music. Whether they accompany the congregation in singing, backup our guest performers, or become the performers themselves, we are richly blessed with their wonderfully uplifting music!  John Loose on Guitar, Justin Valla on Bass, Michael Rosetos or Steve Edwards on drums with Jeff English at the piano/keyboard.

Guest Musicians

Unity Spiritual Center of Lansing regularly schedules guest musicians to play during its Sunday morning celebration service.  All types of music including pop, jazz, classical, country and rock are welcome as long as the lyrics encourage and inspire!  We draw from Michigan State, several High Schools and local amateur and professionals. Both vocal and instrumental music is presented.
Regular Guest Vocalists include: Winnalee Zeeb, Matt Bliton, Linda Abar, Elizabeth Kunc, Samara Valla.  Special Guests: StoweGood, Tony Cryer, Robert Wayne Brown, Jace McCoy, Nathan Walker, Daniel Nahmod, Sue Riley, and other names from the New Thought music community.
Guest musicians include: Rodney Page, the East Lansing string quartet

NEW THOUGHT COMMUNITY CHOIR - This is currently inactive for 2021

If you enjoy singing as part of an ensemble, we have a wonderful choir comprised of members of Unity Spiritual Center of Lansing and Fellowship for Today members.  
We have hired Rachel Alexander as our new choir director.