Trance of Scarcity

Just joking - because we can all use a few more laughs these days! 

And here's some more thoughtful ideas on  our perceptions on Scarcity by Douglas Eagle

The scarcity mind set Is so strong in this world. How big is the pie? If he gets more, I will get less? This is the wrong way of looking at supply, though it seem very natural to look at it this way. I need to change the way I look at it, too.  We each have our own pie and somebody coming in will add to your pie and you add to their pie making both bigger and better. Though there may be some who forget to take the cherry pits out, the vast majority of people make the pie better.

Therefore to give to another, or the government giving to another, does not diminish or shrink your pie.

If anything it enables others to increase the size of your pie by increasing their ability to give.  This is often in the form of opportunity for others to pursue their ideal all the way through to materialization, and thus increasing their ability to give.

Think about how many people who have already added to your pie. Here are a few examples: Steve Jobs and Apple, Bill Gates and Microsoft, and many more. Your daily life is filled with many benefits brought to you by the ideal of other, thereby adding to your pie. By giving others opportunity, some will add to your pie.

A great example of the social benefit of adding to our pie has to be J.K. Rowling who went from being on benefits to being the first author worth over a $ billion. The benefit gave time her to develop her ideal, from which many have benefited.

So why not Reparations? What are some of the great ideals that will be allowed to materialize? One doesn’t know for sure how many may be dead ends.  However if one out of a million is a Steve Jobs, or a Bill Gates type ideal we all benefit.

Sincerely Douglas