2023 03-05 Draft Minutes & Reports Annual Members Meeting


DRAFT MINUTES from USCL 8th Annual Members Meeting 3/6/2022

PDF of Minutes, Financials and Reports

Approved 2023 Budget

Board of Trustees:  President Dan Maynard, V. P. Kathleen Assiff,  Treas. Jane Cloos,

Secretary.  Jill Dening ; Chrissie Shearer, Lucille Olson, Teresa Mulford

Minister: Rev. Sharon Ketchum          Jessica Shelton - Record minutes

Greg Dening – Tech Assistant to verify membership of virtual attendees

In Person: Chrissie will check in members signing in

In Person at 2395 Washington Road, Lansing, MI 48911/ Zoom: Meeting ID: 177 417 886 Passcode: 601744

Meeting was called to order by Board President Dan Maynard at 12:15 pm, following a blessing of the upstairs of the Lodge which is now open to the public.

Rev. Sharon led an opening prayer

Dan shared the Mission, Vision, and Core Values 0f Unity Spiritual Center of Lansing

The agenda was accepted as presented.

Voting for the meeting was taken by a show of hands.

Chrissie Shearer and Ann McCarthy volunteered to act as scrutineers for those attending the meeting in person; Greg Dening and Jessica volunteered to act as scrutineers for those joining us virtually.

The quorum for the meeting was 40: Thirty-eight in person and two online for a total of 40

Minutes of the 2022 Annual Member meeting were approved.

Treasurer Jane Cloos presented the Treasurer’s report of the 2022 Financials. (See attached)

2023 Budget Approval: Jane then presented the 2023 Budget which projects an income of $168,940 and expenses of $184,947 for a net loss of $16,491.  Greg Dening made a motion to approve the budget, seconded by Chrissie Shearer.  The motion passed unanimously.

Rev. Sharon blessed the ministry’s gifts and assets.

Rev. Sharon acknowledged the board service of those completing terms – Casey Miller, (how stepped down in fall 2022), Jill Dening who completed Casey’s term, Kathy Assiff who completed her term and Dan Maynard who completed 2 full terms and  5 years as president.

Old Business  

A motion was made by Jill Dening and seconded by Kathleen Assiff to approve the revised bylaws.  The motion was passed unanimously.  The Bylaws Team of Teresa Mulford and Cindy Falkner was acknowledged and thank for their work from 2019 – 2022)

*Election of Board of Trustees Members                                                                 Dan Maynard

Board Rep of Nominating Team presents the slate of nominees              Greg Edwards

Greg Edwards read the requirements of the nominating team (2023 Nominating Team of Greg, Lucille Olson, Jerry Podany and Rev. Sharon Ketchum.)    The team determined it was sufficient to move forward with a 6-member board of trustees.  They presented the slate of Jill Dening and Jeff Benoit, both running for their 1st terms.  There were no nominations from the floor.  The nominees introduced themselves to the membership.  Karen Marthenze made a motion to accept the slate of nominees.  Greg Edwards seconded it.  The motion passed unanimously.

Dan opened the floor to entertain nominations and volunteers to serve as the Congregational Representative on the 2024 nominating team. Greg Dening volunteered to be the congregational representative. Maggie Bishop volunteered to be the Alternate Congregational Representative.

The President’s Report was given by Dan Maynard, marking this day as the completion of his two terms of service on the Board of Trustees.

Written Team Reports were posted on the website and distributed at the meeting. 

Facilities: Jerry Podany gave an update and overview of the renovation projects, as well as a preview of what was scheduled to be done in 2023

Event Rental Team: Jeff Benoit announced that this team would be reconstituted and that we are looking to develop a working team of 4 or more people trained in the role of facilities managers to work rental events.

There was no New Business

Rev. Sharon led us in a closing prayer.

The motion to adjourn was made by Greg Dening and seconded by Deborah Otis.  Meeting was adjourned at 1:35

Closing Prayer                                                                                 Rev. Sharon Ketchum